Wrap Your iPad Mini in an Otterbox

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)
otter box case

The new Apple iPad may be a bite-sized offering but it is set to revolutionize adaptable computing.  Apple is projected to score yet again as pre-sales for the new Apple tablet are calculated.  And yet again, the popular company OtterBox created a case to fit the iPad Mini.

Otterbox is a company that endeavours to offer smartphone and tablet customers reliable protection for their devices. In addition to stellar protection, the durable Otterbox cases are sleek and stylish.

This case, from the Otterbox Defender Series, fits the mini iPad and covers the tablet with a number of layers of thick polycarbonate that protect the screen.


Features of the Otterbox iPad Mini Case

The Otterbox case is made to protect the iPad in various ways including:

Safeguarding the screen: The case has an inbuilt polycarbonate skin that shields the screen from scratches.

The shell of the interior: An inner layer of solid polycarbonate cushions the pad if it is dropped.

The outer layer is wear-proof: The case is coated with a thick layer of durable silicone that shields the pad from accident damage.

Protecting the ports: Dust, dirt and lint are prevented from entering the jacks and ports because the case has silicone plug covers.

Secondary screen protection: An extra internal shield offers added protection during transportation.

A shield stand that is versatile: The case has an inbuilt stand that offers a good slope for easy typing and helps the user to see landscape views with ease.

Access to the camera: The strong polycarbonate case has an opening so that the camera can be accessed.This ensures that image and picture quality are as they should be.

Remember, the Otterbox case will stop most iPad damage, but it’s not water proof!  If your iPad Mini gets damaged in any way, don’t wait until the next model comes out to buy a new one.  You can still enjoy your device if it is repaired by professionals, like iFixYouri.