About iFixYouri

Since 2010, iFixYouri has quickly become known for their expert service of nearly every type of smartphone, tablet, and personal computer. From phones placed in toaster ovens to dry out water damage, to iPads falling from a five story building, we have seen and repaired them all.

iFixYouri’s first location was a small space in Lake Park, Florida. This first public storefront was around 400 square feet. Six years later, iFixYouri has expanded to numerous walk-in locations in three metropolitan areas in two states, with more stores opening frequently.

The new iFixYouri headquarters is over 7,600 square feet. We have been listed on Inc Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for the past two years.

How iFixYouri Started

After being laid off from a large high-tech engineering firm, the founder and mechanical engineer, Christopher Johncke, needing work, began traveling around fixing computers for friends and family. While out with some friends, Christopher dropped his iPhone and shattered it into pieces. He was beside himself.

Not sure what to do, he did exactly what any other iPhone owner would do and went into the Apple store. Apple then quoted him $200 to have it repaired. Being recently unemployed, there was no way he could afford this, not at this time.

This is where his search for a fix began. Computer repair and small handheld electronics repair were like second nature to him. He fixed his phone successfully. Realizing the demand for iPhone repair he began marketing his services. The rest is history.

Thousands of iPhones later, Christopher’s business rapidly expanded and now has a full repair facility serving customers worldwide. All glass repairs are backed with a 1 year guarantee.