Where to Watch Out for iPhone Damage in the Home

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Have you ever wondered which locations in the home iPhone users are most likely to damage, crack or break their smartphones? SquareTrade, a gadget warranty website, recently conducted a study revealing that

  • 21 percent of all iPhone damage related to the home occurs in the kitchen
  • 18 percent of incidents occurs in the living room
  • 16 percent in the bathroom
  • 10 percent in the bedroom
  • 8 percent in the driveway

In September, SquareTrade released information indicating that Americans have lost $5.7 billion dollars to iPhone damage just since 2007. Since the website sells extended warranties for electronic gadgets of all kinds, including the iPhone, it makes sense it would promote the notion that owners often lose money because they frequently damage their iPhones and accidents are not rare but rather common occurrences.

Since iPhones are damaged so easily, the iPhone repair industry is booming. ┬áHowever, when it comes to getting your damaged iPhone back in the condition you had it when it was first bought, you’ll need to consider professional services, not just the local electronics repair shop. ┬áiFixYouri uses top-of-the-line replacement parts and utilizes a safe, static-free environment for iPhone repair.

Beware the Kitchen

If you are among those people who have accidentally microwaved, baked or boiled your iPhone while cooking your dinner, you probably have no problem agreeing with SquareTrade’s assessment that the kitchen is a dangerous location for electronic devices, especially cell phones.

Studies show that three-quarters of all smart phone users carry them into the bathroom and I am actually quite shocked that more iPhones have not found their way into the toilet. A Plaxo study in 2011 cited that 19 percent of all iPhones have been submerged in toilet water, while SquareTrade’s survey determined 9% of iPhone users have faced that issue at home.

The bottom line is you need to be careful when using your iPhone in the home. You would be wise to purchase a screen protector and case and avoid cooking on the stove while attempting to play Angry Birds at the same time. This dangerous combination will result in nothing but bad news for your dinner, your game play and your phone.