What should you do if you spill liquid on your Macbook keyboard?

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Water on MacBook Keyboard
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2019)

The unfortunate has happened. Sitting at your desk, you turn around. Spinning back to throw your hand back to the keyboard you quickly forget the drink sitting directly next to your brand new Macbook Air. SPLASH! You now enter absolute FULL PANIC MODE with liquid all over your MacBook keyboard! AHHHHH!

We’re going to explain a couple of quick steps that you have to immediately do in order to increase your chances of survival, and well, if you don’t take these steps, we’re going to let you know exactly how we can help.

What To Do When You Spill on Your MacBook

  1. Immediate unplug your device. You want to make sure you cut all power going to the computer. Any current still going through the laptop can short it out.
  2. Power down the laptop. This should go without saying, but you would be amazed at how often we see people leaving the power on.
  3. With the screen still open, flip the laptop upside down. You want to prevent the liquid from seeping further into the computer and getting to anything important. You want to leave the screen open so that the liquid does not drain onto the screen. TRY TO COMPLETE STEPS 1-3 AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, WITHIN THE FIRST 10 SECONDS.
  4. Remove the battery. Since the battery still carries a current, you have to cut all ties with electricity as fast as possible.
  5. With the computer upside down, gently dab the area with a paper towel.
  6. Do not attempt to turn the MacBook on for at least 48 hours, if at all, prior to having a professional look at it.

If you follow these simple steps, you significantly increase the chances of saving your MacBook or PC laptop from imminent doom. Fingers crossed and positive energy and you may have a survivor.

Bring Your MacBook to a Professional Repair Company

This is where iFixYouri comes in. Even if you were able to perform all the steps above, and everything seems to work as normal, we HIGHLY recommend sending it in for a proper MacBook water damage repair.

With our service, rest assured that your laptop is in good hands. We have an extremely high success rate due to the fact that we not only properly clean the logic boards of all major models of Apple and PC computers, but we also have the ability to offer full logic board repair.

When we receive your device, we will strip down all the major components and properly clean every single piece. When water spills on an electronic device, mineral deposits remain once it begins to dry. It’s these mineral deposits that cause corrosion and make chips and circuits short out. Once we know all components are clean, we’ll run a full diagnostics on the computer, testing each component one by one. Often times, just the cleaning will get your laptop back to good, working condition.

In some cases, we see that the computer needs a new keyboard. Other times, a logic board suffered catastrophic failure. This type of rework is not something that can easily be done at home, as it requires extremely qualified and skilled technicians and expensive machinery. This combination has made it so that iFixYouri as a company can repair nearly every water-damaged MacBook and MacBook Pro that comes through our doors on a daily basis. We carry the highest success rate in the industry.

We do not recommend putting your computer with dried rice. Unlike a cell phone, it will leave a lot of residue in areas that will be near-impossible to clean. Use silica gel, which is available in most hardware stores.

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No two water-damaged computers are ever the same. By taking these measures listed, and doing them quickly, you can significantly increase your chances of having a computer that remains functioning even a liquid-related mishap.

If you have a question on any of our MacBook or MacBook Pro water damage repair services, feel free to call 888-494-4349 or email us at support@ifixyouri.com today.