Verizon iPhone 4 repair – Is the game going to change with this next iDevice?

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(Last Updated On: January 30, 2011)

We’ve been getting a lot of inquires about the new iPhone 4, specifically if the parts are going to be different. Our sources have been telling us that they will be similar in size and weight. This is somewhat of a relief. We’re hoping that the glass stays the same as to not make the iPhone 4 repair services any more expensive. Design for manufacturability apple. I know you guys practice it there. It’s not a new concept. That’s all they’re telling us. We do have some prototype parts coming, very soon, so we shall see. I do have a feeling that they will be the same, as they’d have to start pumping out a whole bunch of new parts, that are one off from the iPhone 4 we currently have? Maybe they’ll just make the connector a bit different like 3G to the 3Gs glass

Count down is on. February 10th, we shall see.