Summertime Safety Precautions for Your Mobile Device

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

If you’re going to the beach, leave your iPhone at home. We know how great it is to bring your phone with you to the beach and be able to text and surf the internet, maybe snap a photo of some waves, birds, or scenery. We also know how often we have customers contact us wondering why their phones stopped working.  Well, we’ve seen it all too many times where a customer jumped in the ocean with their phone in their pocket, and the salt water did a number. If you’re going to bring it to the beach, get a waterproof case. Something like the lifeproof case or something as simple as the aquapac. This will provide ample protection and insure that your mobile device will not get sand in it or get wet. Do this before you go to the beach.

If you’re going on a boat, leave your phone in the dry storage. Most boats have some kind of dry storage. You can’t anticipate when you will get wet on a boat, but chances are, you will, and if your iPhone is out, so will your iPhone.  iPhone water damage is only repairable about 90% of the time and it is not a quick and easy repair. Stay safe, stay dry. Should you find yourself with a wet phone, do not try to power it on. If it went in salt water or chlorine, rinse it with fresh water and then put the device in a bag of silica gel or dry uncooked rice. Let it sit for 24-48 hours before trying anything.

Do not leave your phone in the car if you live in a hot area. Heat can kill LCD screens. We’ve seen many times where a device was left in the car, and the heat basically heated up the LCD screen to the point where it was done. Done as in non-functioning.

Expect the unexpected. People get wild during the summer. If you live in an area where during the winter, people hibernate, summer is the time for people to come out of the wood works. Get a good case. We always recommend Speck, Lifeproof, or the Otterbox. These 3 cases will offer you the best protection money can buy. Get a screen protector. Keys will scratch a screen. Better to scratch a $5 screen protector. If you’re not a fan of a case, get a nice skin or some body armor for your device.

If you’re out and about, make sure you activate location services and activate a little program called “Find my phone.” It’s free and simple. It basically allows to you find your phone using the GPS should you misplace it or leave it somewhere.  The great thing is, in the awful case that some snags your iPhone, you can remote wipe it so no one can get access to your information

Lastly, keep a passcode on your phone. It amazes me so much that people store similar info, if not more secure info on their phones, and don’t password protect it. Trust me, do it. If someone gets your phone, they can easily get your email, and potentially get on banking or other apps/web sites that contain sensitive information.

If the unfortunate happens to your mobile device, remember, iFixYouri is here to help you out! Just pop us an email or give us a call, we’ll be happy to answer any/all of your questions!