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(Last Updated On: July 14, 2015)

Your Center for iPhone Repair & Tablet Repair in West Palm Beach

iFixYouri iPhone Repair West Palm BeachHere are some reviews for iFixYouri West Palm Beach, your source for professional tablet and smartphone repair. The reviews that follow come from our Yelp and Google+ pages and will give you an idea of our professional service, expertise and quality of work. These are from our actual customers.

I express gratitude for the kind, fast, professional, and cost effective service I received at iFixYouri (west palm beach, fl). The equipment and parts needed to repair my device were in-stock and available for immediate use!! I had my iPhone 5 repaired in 25 minutes. The price I paid for my new case was a steal!! I value my experience with iFixYouri in west palm beach, fl. 🙂

Awesome. saved me buying a new phone today. Great service, nice guys and a good deal.

I had an issue with my iPhone 3GS with what I thought was the battery not charging. I sent the phone in for diagnostic testing. It turned out that the dock (charging port) had gone out. iFixYouri could have fixed the phone, no problem, but they offered to buy the phone from me, so I decided to sell it to them for parts. I am very satisfied with how iFixYouri handled my particular situation. I highly recommend iFixYouri for all of your cell phone, iPad or iPod repairs. They are fast, knowledgeable and keep you informed of what the status is on your device. I will call on them again if the need should arise.

Beth Holt

I have maybe an unhealthy addiction to my iphone. I’m sure all other iphone owners do. so when I dropped my phone and the screen shattered I was devastated! I went to another local shop before I went to iFixYouri (sorry guys, this one was closer) and was not impressed at all. I didn’t even want to leave my phone with those people. so rude. I had seen iFixYouri on facebook so I decided to contact them. best thing I could have done! they were soo friendly, the shop is nice and clean, very professional, and they fixed my phone faster than I would have imagined it would take! such a deal too! Thank you iFixYouri!!! I will be recommending you to EVERYONE I know!

I have a white iPhone 5 and have gone to this location twice for help, both times A+ service!  I had visited some other local “iphone repair” companies with zero luck and horrible service!

I first visited about a month ago with a cracked screen. They quickly replace the screen while the other repair places said they didn’t have the parts.  The second time was to get the home button fixed, it had fallen off. At first I was told they did not have any white buttons but could either give me a black one or order one. When I went outside to call a friend to see what they thought I should do one of the employees overheard me and offered to give me his button (he also had a white iphone). I accepted the offer and they fixed it in 5 minutes and didn’t even charge me.

Fantastic service, friendly and very professional. Like I state earlier in this review, I’ve visited several other similar companies with zero luck.

Meaghan E.

This is a class operation. Fast & professional service. My IPhone was repaired perfectly with Apple parts. But the real story is the service. The USPS did not properly scan the item when iFixYouri was returning my phone. iFixYouri went to the Post Office to try and resolve the scan issue. This is above & beyond good service. My IPhone arrived the next day.

While I was in Florida having fun at the beach I almost lost my phone to the tide. I was able to save it, but it was soaked through. Took it to these guys and they had it back to me a few days later good as new. Way cheaper than buying out of my contract for a new phone. Shout out to Vince for being so awesome. He knows how to take care of a customer.

F. John R.

They did an absolutely amazing job replacing the screen and shattered glass on my Verizon iPhone 4. When I got it back from them (shipped to and from), it looked better than when I first got the phone. Thank you for doing what Apple considers “beneath them” and treating people right!

I have to give credit where it’s due, so I want to update my prior review and should have done so sooner.

I’ve been in contact with Chris from iFixYouri and not only did he give me a full refund for the cost of my diagnostics, but iFixYouri has actually changed their policy and no longer charges for diagnostics on a water damaged device if they are unable to successfully repair the device!

I was incredibly frustrated by initial experience with iFixYouri, but I’m blown away to see how committed this company is to satisfy customers and work out any kinks. I’ve never received such excellent customer service when dealing with an issue.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use iFixYouri in the future (which will probably be sooner than later, since our toddler just busted the screen on our new ipad :/ ) and feel more than comfortable recommending them to anyone who needs a device checked out. Their rates are more than fair and I know there is someone at the wheel who is striving to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thanks Chris, you definitely changed my mind about iFixYouri.

Ingrid L.

They had my iPhone screen repair done in about 10 minutes! Excellent service!
I love iFixYouri!!

I dropped my iPhone 4 in the pool in May, 2011. I immediately turned it off, stuck it in a bag of rice, then waited the suggested (by the community at large) 4 days, and nothing. Totally dead.

As everyone knows, AT&T is of no help in this area. My only choice was to buy a new iPhone 4 from them at the street price of $600.

I looked online and found, not far from where I live. Called them, got shipping instructions and shipped UPS which, since they’re close, was only one day. They kept it for several days, with constant — at least twice daily — emailed updates as to their progress.

It took a few days because, as it turns out, they had to replace almost every part in the iPhone. But they stuck to their $160 cap and overnighted the phone back to me. It was like a brand new phone (and I did not lose any of my data or settings.) I was extremely happy.

Two months later, my phone suddenly died in the middle of a call. I could not revive it (tried rebooting, hard resetting, recovery mode, syncing, etc…) Given the time that had gone by, I was doubtful that it could be a residual effect of the water damage, and worried about my options (again.) I called iFixYouri and without hesitation, they said I was still under their repair warranty. They immediately emailed me a prepaid return label. I sent the phone back to them and 24 hours later, they shipped me my repaired phone, again in brand new condition and with all of my data and settings intact.

Throughout the process their phone and repair people have been thoroughly knowledgeable and very friendly. I will continue to recommend them to many friends.

Jill P.