Repair Your Phone Yourself? Maybe You Shouldn’t

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(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)

Cellphone Repair


It seems like a lot of people nowadays have technical skills and experience. Many of them are aware that replacement parts and guides for smartphone, tablet, and computer repair can be found online, often for cheap. Some repair shops will do repairs with parts brought in by the customer. So why not purchase your own parts and repair your phone yourself (the DIY route) to try to save some money? Here’s a few:

Low-Quality Replacement Parts

When you take your pick of an online parts supplier to attempt a DIY repair, you can’t be sure of the quality level of the parts you might find. Replacement parts must be precisely designed to meet the tight dimension requirements of today’s smartphones and tablets and function properly. A lack of quality in replacement parts can lead to poor fit, flawed function and even compounded future problems.

A professional repair shop that’s been repairing smartphones, tablets and computers for years has formed relationships with trusted parts suppliers who consistently provide high-quality replacement parts that they can rely on.

No Repair Warranty

Most cellphone and computer repair shops offer warranty protection for their repairs. However, you will struggle to find a repair shop offering warranties on a repair using replacement parts that were brought in by the customer. The peace of mind provided by a warranty is simply not available when you attempt your own repair or bring your own parts to a repair. What happens when your replacement part fails or breaks shortly after the repair is completed? You have to roll the dice once again, purchasing another part and redoing the repair with all its risks…

Repair Your Phone Yourself? Risky.

The replacement part is only one aspect of a smart device repair. Typically the actual labor of the repair can cost as much or more than the replacement part. There is a reason for this: repair companies can work on hundreds of these devices per month. This experience gives them the ability to do the repair the correct way on the first try.

Smart devices are complex, and it can be a risky process to open one up and make even the most common repairs. Many techniques of phone and tablet repair involve a developed feel, and a broad knowledge of component layout and proper teardown/reassembly sequences. The bonus of choosing a repair shop is they will already know the repair procedure, as well as insider tips and tricks that allow for smoother repair and further damage prevention.

Bayly Miley, the Orlando regional manager of iFixYouri, offers the following regarding customers trying to save by purchasing their own parts:

If just the glass is broken, then YES, the part can be found cheaply, but there is a mountain of risk you have to go over in the repair, including proper heating, pressure, and a lot of patience, not to mention the precision you have to have using the liquid, optically-clear adhesive to bond the glass back to the LCD.

Also, if customers supply their own part, there is no warranty at all. I’d rather people not purchase their own parts. They aren’t saving anything, because all the cost is in the labor and assuming the risk.

What can happen when I install said part and it doesn’t work? How can we feel good about charging the customer for the labor when their device isn’t fixed? The risk for them is too high with their own parts; typically, they don’t save any money.

While it seems like you may be able to save a few dollars by buying your own replacement parts online and doing the repair yourself, the reality is that the true value of seeking professional smart device repair lies in the know-how and experience, warranties, and quality parts you get at iFixYouri.