Patent Alert: Apple iPhone Water Damage Detection Patent

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

iPhone Water DamageWhen an iPhone owner accidentally drops their device into a toilet, they’re usually unaware of the extent of water damage caused to their iPhone. According to a recently published patent, Apple wants to provide users with a water-detection feature.

The main objective of the technology is for issues such as repair troubleshooting, warranty claim assessment, and product development, according to the published patent. Manufacturers generally want to ensure whether a particular user simply wishes to replace the application or has actually dropped the device in the water. Apple stated that water is one of the major reasons that may cause malfunctioning of the device. As a result, verification of water immersion is pertinent for device manufacturers. Presently, an iPhone that suffers water damageĀ is not covered by Apple’s warranty — which is exactly why they want to be able to test for it.

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iPhone Water Damage Detection Patent Details

The application comes with a system that uses color-changing tape along with a dye which dissolves after absorbing a certain amount of water. This in turn helps in avoiding humidity from triggering a false positive.

According to the published patent, the company stated that the application will get enclosed and provide at least one sign that it has been immersed in the water. As a result, users will be able to identify water damage just by looking at their application. However, the process has certain drawbacks such as limited application, complicated inspection process and device tampering, Apple acknowledged. The detection system can be used for devices that can be easily opened — aka, not the iPhone device.

When Will We See This?

Since December 2006, the water damage detection patent was kept secret by Apple until it was revealed this year. There is no explanation about whether the system will come with the next generation iPhone or will be released with future innovative versions.

It has been a great year as far as Apple’s patent files are concerned. Just like the recently uncovered Olympus MEG4.0 prototype and the Google Glass project, the company received a patent for a head-mounted display device. Earlier last month, Apple bagged a patent for exchangeable camera lenses in less than a couple of weeks time, before another 27 patents were granted, including some for inductive charging, as well as rotating, scrolling and resizing on touch screens.