iPhone 5 v. SGS3 v. HTC One X: Photo & Video Quality

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

The process of choosing a new high-end smartphone to buy may seem exciting at first, but things can get confusing once you start focusing on the technical aspects of the product. Two important features for many smartphone users is the ability to take good photos and videos.  Let’s compare image and video quality of three very good smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and iPhone 5.

Battle of the Smartphones: Round 1 – Picture Quality

If the overall picture quality is considered as the benchmark, HTC One X is the best option because it tends to over-sharpen the image thereby minimizing degradation. Yet, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 cannot be called poor in this aspect.

If you want a phone that reproduces colors perfectly, then you ought to choose iPhone 5 because it does justice to snaps with natural and warm colors. The One X seems to overdo this aspect by bringing a yellowish hue into the images.

Exposure wise, the One X lags behind the other two because it tends towards under exposure. iPhone 5 scores the highest as far as dynamic range is concerned.

Smartphones will get used indoors very often. Hence, this is an important parameter. iPhone 5 scores high again and produces very good images irrespective of the quality of lighting. SGS3’s flash does a good job of taking good snaps even in poor lighting but does not match iPhone’s performance.

Round 2 – Video Quality

What about video? It is Apple all the way. Want HD videos with crisp details, perfectly natural colors and super smooth recording all the way? Choose iPhone 5. The iPhone camera seems to get great quality, well encoded video. The S3 fails in suppressing wind noise. One X just does not make the cut here. Details are vague and the capture rate is plain slow.

And the Winner is…

When you analyze the quality of images and video, there is no doubt that iPhone 5 comes out on top in a close race. It is easy to use and pretty fast too. Other two options are impressive and definitely score over similar products in the market. However, it cannot be denied that they fall behind when one compares with iPhone 5.

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