Microsoft Surface Review: Worth the Hype?

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Microsoft is making a great effort to stay relevant in a world that is increasingly post-PC. Microsoft is doing this with Surface, its first attempt at creating its own computer hardware. According to the early reviews, Microsoft has more work to do in order for Surface to be a competitive replacement for laptops, Android tablets and iPads.

The hardware that is earning good reviews for Microsoft is the kickstand and keyboard cover. However, many people wonder if Surface is really useable when holding it on a lap. The Windows RT software raises a larger question because it is limited, has bugs and cannot run the old Microsoft applications as well as Windows 8 can. Surface Pro, created to run Windows 8, may be better received when it debuts within a few months.

Microsoft Surface Reviews

The following are comments from well respected reviewers:

David Pogue stated in the New York Times that all but the cold-blooded will not be able to keep their pulses from racing when they first see Surface: the potential, the beauty and the instant change to PC from tablet. He goes on to say it is incredible that Microsoft created this envelope-pushing, bold design because up to now they only produced a feeble imitation of the fresh ideas they saw in other companies. One glitch, though, is that Surface does not have proper support and is let down by Microsoft’s own specialty—their software.

Peter Bright from Arstechnica had this to say:  This makes the decision to buy Surface dependant not on the hardware itself, but on the Windows RT software. To run on Windows RT, third party applications must use the Metro Interface and purchase it through the Windows Store. Right now, there are not enough applications, and the ones that do exist are mediocre.

Others said the tablet is beautiful and well made, and serious work is possible on the device, but unfortunately it functions more as a laptop on a desk.

One thing is for sure — no matter what the technology, or how well it functions, it is susceptible to damage or breaking. ¬†Fortunately for the new owners of the Surface tablet who have already managed to damage the item, there is professional help: tablet repair from iFixYouri.