Has the iPhone 5 Changed Our Lives?

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Regarded by many smartphone enthusiasts as being the most anticipated handheld device in the past 2 years, the iPhone 5 has certainly not disappointed (neither in performance nor projected sales). But, apart from the new sleeker design, increased screen length, LTE, lighter frame… What does the public actually think of the newest addition to the Apple family? Well one thing is certain, it is true what they say about opinions and like elbows we all have them.


Although the iPhone 5’s glowing reviews are warranted, I feel this reviewer makes an excellent point of the consumer being required to pay $29.99 for an adapter to integrate this phone with older Apple devices. It would have been nice to see that included with the iPhone 5, considering that the added adapter would’ve cost Apple pennies on a phone that retails for $699.


Now besides the adapter issue (which let’s face it, isn’t really a huge factor), Apple’s introduction of Apple Maps and the move away from Google Maps threw many users for a loop (some perhaps literally if they were trying to follow Apple’s map). As this reviewer had explained – Apple has acknowledged its error, which in and of itself is always a good thing, and is going to fix the challenge. Apple Maps features a 3D overview of a city’s geography; however, it doesn’t actually give the user the capability of getting directions to their destinations. Which (although cool), for obvious reasons is a bit of a problem considering that this is the sole purpose of any map.


I think it’s safe to say that the overall consensus regarding the iPhone 5 is that all that have purchased theirs are pleased with its performance. Considering that for a device with such a broad and fanatic following, it is pretty amazing that its negative reviews are so sparse and seldom found. Short of any unforeseen issues such as the dropping, drowning or other physical damage that one may do to their iPhone 5, it is pretty safe to say that Apple has not lost any fans with its latest installment.