Free iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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(Last Updated On: November 6, 2020)

When it comes to benefiting from all that technology has to offer, you have to know there is more to your iPhone than playing Angry Birds – especially since it’s not a free app. There is nothing wrong with buying apps or playing games while you wait for your ride, your doctor, or while enduring public transportation.

The real beauty of technology and its entire splendor is deep-seated in applications, or apps, that you can download, to help you live an easier, more informed life. Although some cost money, there are tons of no-cost versions you can download to make your life a bit more efficient. If you are an Apple aficionado, the best free iPhone apps are right at your fingertips.

Free iPhone Travel apps

There are several free iPhone apps that will help you travel the globe much more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

1)      Airport Utility

Airport utility app allows you to view and control your Wi-Fi network, Time Capsule, Airport Extreme and Express at the touch of a button. What does that mean, exactly? It means you will be able to see what you are connected to, and how you are connected to it. It will allow you to change your Wi-Fi settings, and access base station, a DNS server, IP address and router address. This will ensure that you are connected at all times, safely and efficiently.

2)      FlightTrack

This app is personally responsible for on-time travel worldwide! Well, sort of. FlightTrack allows you to enter a flight number or simply a destination and airline name, and follow the flights activity from afar. You will know when a flight is delayed, early, on time and even when it touches down! The GPS magic of FlightTrack allows you to view an image of the plane as it traverses its flight plan, so you can see exactly where the traveler (even if it is you) is at all times. This allows you to pick someone up from the airport on time, without having to hang out in the cellphone lot for an hour.

3)      MapQuest 4 Mobile

Should that flight take you to a foreign land or even a city you have not lived in since you were a kid, MapQuest 4 Mobile app will give you step by step, voice guided directions, no more wandering around or appearing as if you really do not belong, thanks to this navigational genius.

Free iPhone Lifestyle Apps

Let’s face it, whether you are traveling across the globe, or sitting on your very own porch, you are going to need something, at some point. That something can be in the form of the closest Chinese restaurant, the answer to a trivia question, or a recipe on the fly — you know, since you are already at the grocery. Whatever your question, do not hesitate to tap one of the following best free iPhone apps to make it happen.

1)      Chrome

In a fistfight, Google chrome app will always win against any other browser, especially where an app is concerned. This monumental beauty is fast, organized, and will have the results you need in no time.

2)      Facebook

You want everyone to know you just landed in Tokyo or that your mom’s famous cookie recipe has just come to life in your very own kitchen, not hers. Go ahead and tap your Facebook app, and update your status before the kitchen timer goes off. In fact, you could do so with the other hand on the cookie sheet, it’s so easy to use!

3)      Sports Tap

Even if you only follow your hometown teams, Sports Tap iPhone app gives you the ability to pick the teams you follow, and to receive updates for each of their games with ease. The results are easy to read, and the navigation is perfect for anyone who is simply trying to impress the sport’s emperor in their life.

4)      IMDb

If you think you could not care less whether the girl in the last episode of “The Wire” was also the girl from a sitcom you watched six years prior, it does not mean you will not look it up. When you do, nothing makes it easier than the IMDb app. You can also check out movie trivia, trailers and even shooting locations, if you’re planning on crashing the set.

5)      Amazon Mobile

The truth is Amazon owns everything these days, which is great news for any online consumer, no matter what their views on Capitalism entail. Download the Amazon Mobile free app, and you will never miss another birthday, holiday, anniversary or book, music or movie release (for yourself, of course) again. The best part is, just like the website, it will ship everything from a new pair of flip-flops to a balance bike for your four year old niece anywhere.

6)      Nook, Kindle or iBook

Listen, we all have our affinity for one or the other. Since you can get any of the three for your iPhone, there is no reason to leave a book lie on another device when any of the three apps can be easily accessed from your phone. Start reading more, and enjoy the convenience of whatever e-reader suits your fancy, from your iPhone. It is the one thing that is always with you.  In addition, they all have magazines, newspapers and periodicals that will allow you to spend more time digesting knowledge.

7)      Shazam

Everyone has had the experience where they hear a song on the radio and they just can’t remember the name of it, or who sings it.  Shazam will give you all the information you need, with the tap of its app icon.  Musical magic.

8)      Epicurious

If you have a fridge that is full of groceries but you do not know how to cook, just type what you have into the Epicurious app and it will search for professionally created and tested recipes. This is the perfect app for staying in your pajamas on a rainy day, instead of eating out.

With over 300,000 free iPhone apps available (and counting), your idea of the best free iPhone app may differ from your friend’s and co-worker’s. The good news is, they are easy to use, and if you find you do not like it, all you have to do is delete it and find a replacement!

The internet is full of hundreds if not thousands of free iPhone apps, but you won’t be able to appreciate any of them if your iPhone is damaged. If your iPhone isn’t working properly due to damage, it would be easier to get it repaired than to buy a new one. iFixYouri specializes in repairing broken and damaged iPhones. If you accidentally broke your iPhone’s screen, or you dropped your phone in the pool, bring it or send it to us and let us repair it for you. Once your precious device is up and running again, you can start enjoying the universe of free iPhone apps.