Why the HTC Droid DNA Is A Cut Above the Rest

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

The HTC Droid DNA is one of the best smartphones in the market that is packed with a lot of impressive features. This device has a 5-inch Super LCD 3 screen and a 1920×1080 display. Its pixel density is 440 PPI, which is considered the highest pixel density on any type of mobile screen.

According to HTC, the Droid DNA has an enhanced viewing angle, which is up to 80 degrees. Its display is also a lot brighter and all types of blurring problems are already eliminated.

A Look at the Droid DNA

The Droid DNA is still considered a phone and not a tablet. It is slimmer than the Galaxy Note II and has similar footprint with the HTC One X. When it comes to performance, the Droid DNA has a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor. It also has an 8MP camera, which opens up to f/2.0 and a 16GB built-in storage. This is also one of the few phones that support a wireless type of charging.

The DNA’s Only True Flaw

The only concern about this phone is the 2,020 mAh battery. This battery can definitely support most other types of phone; however, with the Droid’s massive screen, powerful processor, and LTE radio, this battery probably won’t be enough. The battery juice is a lot less compared to the 3,100 mAh of the Note II.

As for the camera software, the HTC Sense 4+ provides a lot of improvements. It has an enhanced gallery of photo maps, smile recognition, better HDR, and a wonderful cool countdown feature.  The phone’s Beats Audio also provides dual amplifiers. One is made for the external speaker and the other is for the headphones.

Standing Up To the Competition

The HTC’s Sense UI is also a lot simpler and more intuitive compared to the Touch Wiz of Samsung. It has the same guts with the Nexus 4, but comes with a better LTE and screen. This makes the HTC Droid DNA one of the best smartphones in the market.

It does look like the Note II however; the Droid DNA is easier to navigate. In fact, it is more comparable with the Galaxy S III since it has the same width, but a little taller. The screen of HTC is considered as the best among all the other products. It produces bright colors and pictures that are incredibly sharp. Its texts are also larger and easier to read compared to the iPhone 5.

If ever your HTC Droid DNA requires repair due to any unforeseen issues such as water damage or a cracked screen, rest assured that professionals such as iFixYouri are available for any and all smartphone repair needs.