White iPhone 3Gs Glass Conversion

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(Last Updated On: June 22, 2017)

UPDATE: We no longer offer 3gs white glass conversion. Check our full range of iPhone repair services.

iPhone screen repair options now-a-days can be tough. You can get a super cheap DIY kit(not recommended on your high dollar iPhone), get a good quality DIY kit, have a so-called professional install it, or come to us and have a REAL professional install it with high quality parts.

Well we’re throwing another kink in the mix. Want that cracked iPhone 3Gs fixed with a hot white piece of glass?! At iFixYouri, we say, h*#$@ ya!

We recently got a chance to get our hands on some white iphone 3Gs glass and digitizers. At first we were skeptical as to how good it would turn out, but once we were done, all we can say is wow. It’s clean, looks great, and is really really eye catching.

The digitizer response is perfect, the parts are excellent quality. Share this with your friends. Want to get the hottest and latest? Check it out in our store now.

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