White iPad 2 Glass – The hunt for the great white iPad

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

We were able to get our hands on some white iPad 2 Glass, which we then shared with our friends at 9to5mac. We can tell you how pretty it would look on a nice iPad. Early mock-ups that were seen showed vector drawings of white iPad 2’s. These are not mock-ups, nor are they fake in any way. See for yourself. Glass, cable, digitizer, front, and back. March 2nd will prove to be an exciting day for iPad enthusiasts and as the hype of the Motorola Xoom still is in the air, this will for sure silence the crowd and draw their attention elsewhere, and that being to the iPad. Perhaps in the near future we’ll be offering white iPad conversion for your iPad screen repair.

Here’s a couple pictures for you to drool at, look at, do whatever with. Have a question or comment? Let us know your thoughts!