Where to Sell Your Old iPad Online

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(Last Updated On: July 15, 2016)

There is nothing like a brand new iPad launch to get people interested in older iPad products.

Founder of the repair and buy-back website iFixYouri.com, Chris Johncke, said that the trade-in market is rocking. The website helps Internet users to locate the best possible price for the old electronic gadgets they want to sell. Right now, Johncke and other experts believe that many of the people who own iPads would like to trade them, but are unaware of how many options they actually have online and in the analog world.

Resellers such as NextWorth ask you to write a description of your iPad before they make an offer. The CEO of NextWorth, Jeff Trachsel, says that it is the best time of year for business.

So, You Want to Sell Your Old iPad Online

If you are a fan of Apple and are planning on purchasing one of the new products that are launched on Friday it is possible that you own an older tablet that you will no longer need. You definitely won’t need your old device if you are planning to purchase both of Apple’s latest iPads.

It should also be noted that the only older iPad devices that will receive top dollar, are those still in perfect working order. So, if you have an iPad in need of repair it may be best to seek the services of a professional, such as iFixYouri, before attempting to re-sell it.

Trade-In Options

You can choose to trade your old iPad into a third-party reseller but there are also other options available:

Apple’s Reuse and Recycle Program

You can return your device to your wireless carrier or Apple: Apple has an Reuse and Recycle Program. Apple pays in the form of a gift card rather than cash. If you are the type of person who wants to trade in your iPad for a new one you should forget about engraving so you can earn the maximum resale amount.

Verizon’s Trade-In Program

Verizon also offers a trade-in program. You can receive an online appraisal on your old iPad. Payment is a Verizon gift card. You can also trade in you old iPad at AT&T but you will need to provide the serial number of your iPad in order to receive a quote from the company.

The Final Word

Before trading in your old iPad remember to erase the memory and settings so people do not have access to your personal information. Don’t forget to back up your data so you can switch everything over to your new Apple iPad. Most importantly always find a reputable reseller such as iFixYouri who lives up to its promises.