What to Do if Your Phone Breaks During Spring Break

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(Last Updated On: March 18, 2021)

March is an exciting time of the year because it marks the start of Spring Break! Whether to take a trip to the most magical place on earth or party with friends on the beach, Florida has been the prime Spring Break spot for years. Even though these events are entertaining and high-energy, they do increase the risk for smartphone damage. A smartphone’s unexpected dip in the pool can easily change your mood during vacation. Despite the drastic changes this year, you should still know what to do if your phone breaks during Spring Break. 

Luckily for you, iFixYouri, an expert tech repair shop located throughout Florida, is available to help if you are ever down on your luck and own a broken phone!

iFixYouri Locations:

  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • North Jupiter
  • South Jupiter 
  • West Palm Beach 
  • Altamonte Springs
  • Orlando

Expert technicians can assist you with all of your repair needs, including:

  • Water Damage 
  • Glass and LCD Repair 
  • Battery Replacement 
  • Vibrate Switch Repair 
  • Speaker Repair 
  • Volume Button Repair 
  • Camera Repair 
  • Power Button Repair 
  • Microphone Repair 
  • Charging Port Repair 

iFixYouri fixes more than just smartphones! 

  • Tablets 
  • iPods
  • Laptops and Desktops 
  • Game Consoles 
  • Smartwatches 
  • Specialty Accessories 

No matter how durable or waterproof you think your phone is, it is not made to last forever, especially if your device does not have the right protective accessories

If you are planning a trip to Florida this Spring Break or anytime soon, be sure to keep a close eye, good grip, and durable phone case on your phone at all times. In the case that your phone does become damaged during your time in Florida, you know the employees at iFixYouri are always happy to help! 

By the end of your vacation, if your phone looks like a completely different device due to damages, you can also sell your phone to iFixYouri’s sister company, Tech Reboot, for the most money back guaranteed.  

What to Do if Your Phone Breaks During Spring Break by iFixYouri. 

Photo Credit: Christopher Stark via Unsplash.com