What iPhone Case is Right for You??

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

Hello iWorld,

The iPhone is one of the greatest pieces of technology out today, but as we all know is damaged very easily. Customers are always asking me recommendations to help protect their phone in the future. The best thing to do to prevent a cracked screen or water damage is to use a good iPhone case. I have chosen my favorite 3 cases on the market today, which are all available at any of our walk in locations or in our online store. Each case is different and excels in different areas.

Physical Damage: Otter Box Defender Series

If you find yourself constantly having to replace broken screens, the Otter Box Defender Series is great for you. The case has two layers of protection. The inner layer of the case is made of a hard plastic shell and screen protector. The outer layer is a thick silicone shell that helps absorb any impact your device might have. Now no case can completely protect your iPhone from any physical damage, but the Otter Box does a great job testing these limits. I’ve seen many customer and friends purposely drop their iPhone in an Otter Box to show off how durable it is. The case does help prevent water damage, but will not help if water is excessive or submerged.

Water Damage: LifeProof

The LifeProof case is simply amazing. This case is what anyone who has been affected by water damage is looking for. The case creates a seal around your phone and prevents any water from getting to the device. My favorite feature of this case is it allows you took take pictures and videos underwater up to 6 ft. Yes I said underwater! For anyone looking to get those epic vacation or weekend photos, this case is a must have. Something to breifly note is the headphone jack plug that is included in the case is very important and helps keep water out of the device. I have had numerous customers not realize this and still damage the device. The case does a decent job protecting against physical damage, but should be avoided. If you are frequently near water and are worried about losing your device and information on it, fortunately these needs are now met with the LifeProof case and iCloud. iCloud is a great feature and I am constantly advising customers to set it up on their phone. iCloud is available on the latest update and automatically stores your cell phones info on an online server.

Best Overall: Specks’ Hard Candy Shell

Of all the cases on the market, personally I feel that Specks’ Hard Candy Shell is the best. The case is slender and offers a good deal of protection. Most of my fellow iFixYouri technicians also use this case on their own iPhones. The case like the Otter Box has two layers of protection. The inner layer is a thicker silicone case that helps absorb any shock the phone might get from dropping. The outer layer is a hard plastic case that helps spreading out the shock to the inner layer when dropped. My favorite feature of this case is it easily slips in and out of my pocket. The case can be hooked up to most chargers and easily separated for dock connector accessories. The case is even raised around the sides, which helps prevent the glass from actually striking the ground.

If you have any questions regarding which case is best for you, please contact our nation wide mail center at 561 328 9535 and one of my fellow skilled technicians would be happy to assist.

Ryan @ iFixYouri