Warranty Options for the iPhone 5

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

For those with a warranty on their iPhone 5 that doesn’t have extensive coverage, or a warranty that has expired, or no warranty at all, getting repairs from iFixYouri will help the smartphone owner save high repair costs, or save the device from joining a pile of e-waste.

In addition to the benefits of reduced repair costs, a good warranty can offer piece of mind.   Therefore, it is important to get the best warranty and protection plan for an iPhone 5 that provides coverage for repairs, breakage, and also replacement if it is stolen or lost. Here are a few of the best plans available today. Here are some warranty options for the iPhone 5.


This plan costs $99 for two years, and coverage includes support and hardware issues. The plan is quite popular and available from retailers and directly from Apple as well. The recently updated version of the plan includes two damage claims due to accidents. This means your phone will be replaced if it is broken due to any reason for a fee of $49.

The AppleCare+ plan can be purchased within 30 days of purchase of the iPhone 5. However, when you do not purchase the plan along with a new phone, it will require inspection and an appointment at the Genius Bar.  This plan does not cover theft or loss; hence, it is not a comprehensive protection plan.


The plans from SquareTrade are similar to Apple’s extended warranty plans for the iPhone 5. This plan costs $99 for two years, and $129 for three years. If you sell your iPhone 5 in that period, you can transfer the plan to the new user. The plan includes four replacements or repairs, and there is a same-day service option. Coverage is for any kind of damage, and claims require a deductible of $50. You can also pay for repairs out of pocket at the Apple Store and have it reimbursed; however, the plan does not cover theft or loss.

Protect your Bubble

This plan costs $143.99 for a one-time annual fee, and $7.99 per month if you prefer monthly payments. Apart from repairs and replacement, it also covers theft and loss; however, there is $100 deductible.

The best value of an iPhone 5 warranty seems to be plans from AppleCare+ and SquareTrade; however, if you need theft and loss coverage, Protect your Bubble is a good option. Remember that the third option is to not get a warranty at all — iPhone 5 repairs are often much cheaper if you get them yourself!