Verizon iPhone 4 Water Damage – Yes, we can fix that.

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(Last Updated On: February 17, 2011)

Are you a new Verizon iPhone 4 owner? Did you drop it in water already? Have no fear. With the first round of water damaged Verizon iPhone 4’s coming through our doors, we dove in head first. Broken, soaked, and battered, we are the best at reviving your poor iPhone.

From swimming pools to bath tubs, rivers to oceans, it does not matter what type, of water, we’ve seen it, and fixed it all.

Everyday we see these all too common problems, and every day we fix them.

Here’s of a Verizon iPhone 4 that came through our doors yesterday, and we’re proud to say, yes we can fix that.

In need of some help? Looking for your next Verizon iPhone Repair? Give us a shout, we’ll be happy to help. From cracked screens to water damage. iFixYouri is the name you can trust. Call us at 561-881-0095.