Top 10 Things You Should Know about the iPhone 5

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

The hype, the hysteria, OMG it’s just around the corner! The iPhone 5 is about to burst. It’s all over the news, people will soon enough be starting to line up and wait for hours for the new iPhone 5 that is coming out. Rumors upon rumors upon rumors. Apple has this unprecedented way of building and spreading the word of a new device, months before it is even announced. Apple stock is climbing, parts images are leaking, and people are praying, praying for a new model. One thing that amazes us to this day is the common occurrence that people with say an iphone 3gs that is broken, rather than upgrading, they tell us “i just want to get this one working again so I can wait for the 5.” It’s like folks think so far ahead with these devices. People will for sure say “i’m just going to wait for the 6, when they bring in their 4/4s for repair.” A little sidetrack there, we just keep thinking 2 steps ahead just like everyone else.

We’re hoping that this will clarify and solidify some of these rumors with our good-ole 2 cents..

1) The new iPhone 5 will have a larger screen

2) Apple is hosting a special media event on September 12, 2012. Seems fitting.

3) The new iPhone 5 should have high-speed LTE connectivity and run iOS 6.0.

4) iOS 6.0 will have 3D maps.

5) There will be no ‘virtual/hologram keyboard’

6) The back will be a unibody style design, brushed aluminum.

7) The redesigned dock/charging port will not be the same as those on the previous iphones and ipods.We believe this to be due to the fact that it will be supporting USB 3.0

8) It should have the A6 processor.

9) Yes, it will have the retina display.

10) There will be a slight bump in battery size, this is to ensure that the larger screen doesn’t drain the battery super quick.

You will have to wait in a tremendously long line to get it or order it in the mail. We are just as excited as you are to get our hands on one, but just like you guys, we’ll have to wait and see! We’re already lining our ducks in a row to ensure that we’re ready to perform the first wave of iphone 5 repair services that come through our door