Tony’s app review. Logitech TouchMouse

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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2010)

Hey there, iWorld.

Tony here and I am going to give you a review on an app I found and love. The app is called TouchMouse by Logitech. I downloaded the app from the App Store and started playing with it last week. This app is AWESOME! A basic description is that it acts as a wireless keyboard and mouse for any computer you have on your network. The is some setup first, but it is really easy and only takes 10 minutes or so. First, you download the app from the App Store. Next, you go to the logitech website for the download on your computer you want to control. Download it and install it. Then, make sure the program is installed and running on your computer and start the app on your phone. Next, make sure both the computer and your iPhone are connected to your network. Lastly, start the app from your iPhone and connect to the computer you are trying to control. Whammy! You have complete control of your computer. Awesome, right? The only downfall I see with this program is that you have to be on the network. But, who cares. It is also great to play practical jokes on people. The other day, my girlfriend was on my computer and I started up the app. I started changing what she was typing and moving the mouse. It was driving her crazy. So, if you are interested in having control of your computer with your iPhone, then this is the app for you. Another plus, it is totally free. How can you beat that? I wish the made and app to control the people that read this blog. Maybe they do……..”GO TO THE APP STORE AND DOWNLOAD LOGITECH TOUCHMOUSE” . Did it work? Take it easy, iWorld and enjoy. This is Tony signing off. And remember this for the weekend, “Cold beer here” (TM Original 15 cents per use)