Tips To Extend MacBook Battery Life

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)


The battery life of a Macbook depends primarily on its usage, as well as its configuration. All MacBooks have a battery status menu that displays the charge level of the battery as well as whether it is charging or not. The battery status menu and the menu bar lay side to side on the right side of the computer. It undergoes varying changes and updates depending on the system workload and screen brightness. Below are some tips that you can use to get the most out of your MacBook battery.

First Things First

Click on system preferences on your MacBook dock. A silver square with a gear train inside represents the system preferences. Next, click on energy saver and check the graphics settings. If they are set on the ‘higher performance’ option, change it to ‘better battery life’. In order to save the changes on your graphics option, you will have to log out.

Use Only What’s Necessary

Turn off unused technologies and features and maximize your MacBook’s battery life. This follows the same logic as switching off the lights in an empty room. Start by ejecting DVDs and CDs that you are not using. The optical drive will use battery power to read these media as long as they are in the drive. Disconnect all peripherals such as digital cameras, external hard drives, mice and printers. Connected peripherals draw power through the fire wire or USB ports. This reduces your battery life considerably. Shut down any running applications that are not in use as well as runaway applications.

Turn off Local Networks

Turn off your Bluetooth or AirPort to extend your battery life if you are not using them. Click on the menu bar and select the AirPort or Bluetooth option. Choose the turn off option of either feature from the drop-down menu to turn them off. You can also deactivate the two features from the system preferences option.

Reduce Brightness

Reduce your screen brightness to a comfortable level. The brightness of your MacBook screen has the greatest impact on your battery life when compared to any other setting. Pressing the F1 key will dim the screen to a comfortable brightness level. For example, reducing your screen brightness from 100% to 50% on a MacBook Pro will add up to three hours on your total battery life.

Pressing the F8 key on your MacBook will turn off the keyboard backlight further extending your battery life.

Check Your Battery Condition

If you are running Mac OS X v10.6.x or higher, holding the option key and clicking the battery status menu will display the condition of your battery. The MacBook should indicate normal battery condition for optimum performance. A ‘replace soon’ condition indicates that the battery needs replacement soon while a ‘replace now’ condition requires immediate battery replacement. If you see this sign, your computer may be getting old and you should check out iFixYouri’s Mac laptop repair services.