The Quality of the HTC Droid DNA Display

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

The first impressions of the HTC Droid DNA are actually very promising. The look of the screen alone can already be classified excellent. However, how does this phone fare from the other smartphones?

We compared the HTC Droid DNA with some of the current heavyweights of the smartphone industry.




HTC Droid DNA vs. the Competition

The first thing to compare with rival smartphones is the screen brightness. The HTC Droid DNA was placed beside four other phones including the iPhone, the Nexus 4, the HTC One X and the Galaxy S III. The results revealed that the iPhone produces the brightest screen among all the smartphones followed closely by the One X. Although the performance of the HTC Droid DNA is quite disappointing, the brightness is still enough to make the screen visible in daylight.

Color Quality and Screen Testing

When it comes to color, the Super LCD 2 of the One X still remains on top along with the iPhone 5. Although the Super LCD 3 of the Droid DNA produces a rather blue hue, it is still a lot better compared to the greenish shade of the Nexus 4. Aside from the pixel density, the Droid DNA provides clear images for users to appreciate, especially in a macro shot.

However, in summary, the Super LCD 3 of the Droid DNA is still inferior to the Super LCD 2 of the HTC One X. Although the former has a slight edge when it comes to the sharpness of the display, this still cannot make up to its poor color calibration and darker screen.

Ranking Smartphones

Although the HTC Droid DNA does not generally have a bad screen, it is still a step backwards compared to the other phones. Here is the ranking of the smartphones according to their display:

  1. HTC One X
  2. Apple iPhone 5
  3. HTC Droid DNA
  4. Google Nexus 4
  5. Samsung Galaxy S III

Note: Although all the aforementioned smartphones have their clear strengths and weaknesses, all are prone to unforeseen accidents such as water damage, cracked screens etc. If your smartphone is in need of repair, the experts at iFixYouri can certainly help.

Honorable Mentions

Aside from these five, there are two other smartphones that remain to be tested. These are the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. When it comes to brightness and color, the Lumia is classified as excellent. However, it is still a step behind the Droid DNA in terms of the resolution. The Lumia 920 is a lot sharper because of the thicker typeface; however, the size of the pixels is actually comparable. As for the Galaxy Note II, it is, as of the moment, at the bottom of the ranking.