The Public’s Problem With Apple: iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad

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Problems with Apple
(Last Updated On: February 12, 2018)
Problems with Apple

Much like the Apple stock prices, the company has had a year of ups and downs. While Apple has made great strides in the creation of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, the spotlight shines on every stumble the company makes.

Apple’s Biggest Blunders

Now, it should be stated that a ground breaking company such as Apple that has introduced the world to so many devices we now wonder how we ever lived without, is allowed the occasional hurdle. The bottom line is that much of the criticism stems out of comparison to previous models and short of any unexpected accidents that may result in a device requiring professional repair, they are all quality products. That being said, here are some of the issues.

The Lost Maps of Apple

The disaster of Apple’s Maps app caused something that is rare from the company, a public apology by Tim Crook, CEO. Not only was this app bad, it was godawful, what with it giving users the wrong directions and the lack of public transportation information. Things just got worse when late night talk show hosts began to make the app the butt of their jokes.

This app is the biggest blunder for Apple this year for many reasons. Arguably the most vital app on iPhone as well as other devices, it is imperative that the app is right. Because Apple decided to make Google Maps unavailable it its app store, the company looks petty.

Apple has always been concerned about holding the experience of the user above all else. However, because Steve Jobs passed away a year before Maps came onto the scene does not fare well for those people who are newly in charge of the company.

The Not So New, New iPad

In the past, two things always held true with a new version of iPad: the marketing team at Apple built hype before the release date, and the product lived up to the hype.

With the creation of the original iPad came the creations of the touch-tablet. The second- generation brought forth a lighter and faster version. The third-generation improved on the graphics.

However, the marketing team dropped the ball with the announcement of the fourth-generation when it was introduced at the time the iPad Mini was being announced.

With the fourth-generation comes very little newness. While Apple touts that this iPad has retina display, the third-generation iPad was actually the first to have this feature. The only things new about this particular iPad is that it contains a faster chip and a Lightning connector.