The New MacBook Pro’s Pros and Cons

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

The 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro is a gorgeous device and has already won ear-splitting applause from users. Nevertheless, there are hitches and for a laptop costing as much as this does, you could not be blamed for being disappointed with technical problems.

Potential MacBook Issues

As great of a device as Apple has developed with its latest MacBook Pro, it seems almost inevitable that some glitches should accompany such a product.

Note: For those that may have more severe issues than a mere glitch and may require actual MacBook repair, seeking out experts such as iFixYouri is always a sound decision.

So without any further ado, let’s take a look some of the issues:


The Retina screen is gorgeous. You cannot help but fall in love with it. However, there aren’t many websites that take advantage of Retina at this point.

Graphic Performance

Testing the graphic performance of four different laptops with a heavy effect video file uncovered that the 15-inch Pro takes an average 20 seconds less than the 13-inch to render the file, whereas the 13-inch Air takes an average 10 seconds more than the 13-inch Pro to render the same file. Now when we consider that the Retina 13 costs $850 more than the 13-inch Air and around $200 less than the Pro 15, it does raise a few uneasy questions about the wisdom of investing in a Retina 13.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro does come with a wonderful visual design, awesome trackpad and keyboard, a compressed unibody design, and yet its graphic performance is not too superior to the MacBook Air. You also experience a minor slowdown when you use a hi-res setting.

The laptop is a bit smaller than the 15-inch Pro and way thicker than the 13-inch Air.

Battery Life and Sound

The battery life, which is around 3 hrs 15 mins, is good enough and the sound is excellent, too. However, there seems to be a soft echo to the sound, especially when you are listening to dialogue. The keyboard and the trackpad are still the best you are going to find in a laptop.

Should One Buy the New MacBook Pro?

Clearly, it’s hard to say that the new MacBook Pro is not a good investment. The laptop is still so much better that other laptops, performance-wise. And since it costs only fractionally more than its 13-inch counterpart, it is hard to see why you would not invest in the 15-inch if you are comfortable with its slightly-bigger size.