The Most Unbelievable iPhone Stories

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(Last Updated On: October 1, 2013)

The introduction of the iPhone is one of the greatest technological inventions in the 21st century. It has created a buzz the world over thanks to its smart features and programs that are aimed at simplifying human tasks. However, there are some unbelievable iPhone stories that you never heard of. These stories happened in real life where the iPhone was involved directly or indirectly.

The story of the Australian businessman

As expensive as it sounds, an anonymous Australian businessman ordered a diamond iPhone worth £ 1.92 million. Its casing was made of 271 grams of gold, the front part had 136 diamonds and the back consisted of 53 other precious metals. The navigation button at the front was made of a single diamond of not less than seven carat thus making it the most expensive phone in the whole world.

The Story of the Thumb Surgery

A man from North Denver reportedly underwent thumb surgery because he could not use the iPhone properly due to the wide surface at the tip of his finger. Finger whittling is a surgical procedure that involves the creation of a small incision along the fingers while trimming the bones. Reports indicate that journalists did not have the chance to cover more details about the story since the doctor and the writer could not be traced. Whether it is true or false, it still remains a popular story among iPhone users.

The Story of The Man Who Escaped Death Thanks to The iPhone

Dan Woolley, a famous U.S. filmmaker was on a video shoot about the high levels of poverty in Haiti when a terrible earthquake struck. He almost died but thanks to the help of an iPhone first aid app known as Pocket First Aid and CPR, he survived. This app gave him step by step instructions on how to take care of his wounds. It even warned him against falling asleep whenever he felt weak and drowsy. He decided to set his alarm to ring after every 20 minutes just to keep him awake and this definitely worked when a rescue team from France discovered where he had been staying in an elevator shaft thus saving him from the jaws of death.

The Story of The Woman Who Got Pregnant Thanks to The iPhone

Lena Bryce had not known the joy of having a baby for more than four years but things changed when she downloaded The Menstrual Calendar iPhone app that is designed to alert women when their fertility is at the highest point. Lena Bryce became pregnant when she gave it yet another optimistic attempt after being alerted by the iPhone app. These are the most unbelievable iPhone stories in the world but due to the growing number of users, you are bound to hear more.

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