The Most Dangerous States in America For iPhones

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Mishandling of electronic devices is a real issue. Thanks to SquareTrade, a company that deals in warranties, you can know which states are the likeliest to have broken iPads and iPhones. The South is apparently a real graveyard for some products, but the North is not far behind.

Examining both damage and complete breakage, SquareTrade found Mississippi and South Carolina to both be particular dangerous. Mississippi totals the most damage done to iPhones, but South Carolina holds the record for broken iPads.

Dangerous States for iPads

Are people dropping their phones in the Mississippi River?

New Mexico is not far behind Mississippi, and ranks number 2 for a dangerous place for iPhones to be. Maybe it’s called “New” Mexico cause everybody has to frequently replace their devices.

SquareTrade informs us that drops and beverage accidents are the most likely causes for damage. Some of the southern states have a reputation for being boisterous, and perhaps a little reckless. Maybe this contributes to the problem?

Other Dangerous States for iPhones

Other dangerous US states for iPhones are Rhode Island and North Dakota. For iPads, Nebraska, Washington D.C. and Alaska are not good places to be. Perhaps the devices are succumbing to the cold while people use them for navigation.

SquareTrade routinely puts electronic devices through rigorous testing to see how much abuse they can take. Ironically, it means being in the hands of an employee of the company might end be being one of the worst places to be for one of these great products.

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