The future of iPad is finally clear…

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

So we’re all pretty stoked here at iFixYouri about the latest and greatest iPad that is coming out. We were all quite unsure of what it was going to be called. We actually had a friendly wager going on here at the office as to what it would be named. Unfortunately, all of us got it wrong so the wager was a wash.

Apple pitched it as “The New iPad”…so basically it just took on the original name…iPad. Clever huh? We thought so. It was kind of off from apple to revert back to a name they had already used. Apple surprised us on this one.

We’re very excited to announce that we’re already starting to receive parts for the New iPad, or the iPad 3, or the iPad 3rd generation, whatever you want to call it. Our iPad 3 repair services are up and listed on our website, and we’re looking forward to helping out those in need, whenever is needed.

I think my favorite feature is that the screen is going to be MORE clear than that of an HD tv. It amazes me that something like a television now a days is so clear it is like looking through a window, and to imagine that a portable handheld device, is going to have a display that is better quality than that, well that is just down right incredible.
The retina display of course will be backed by a faster, A5x quadcore processor. The new iPad will carry the same sleek design that its’ predecessor had, and come in both black and white front glass.
The demand for iPad 2 repairs has skyrocketed. We feel that this may be due to the glass sitting on top of the frame, rather then in the frame like the iPad 1.
We’re gearing up for the iPad 3 and will be ready to service any needs that you have. Have a question or just want to chat? Give us a call 888-494-4349 or email us at