The future of cell phone water damage

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(Last Updated On: July 14, 2011)

With new technology coming out every day, its tough to see an end in “what will they come out with next.” I remember the day when cell phones hit the market and people were carrying around a large briefcase that was actually their phone. They’ve evolved quite a bit over time and now they’re so small, sleek, and shiny with their fancy touch screens and features. Was their water damage back in the day? Probably if you got stuck in the rain carrying your briefcase. It’s not like today where you stick it in the pocket of your Boardshorts and forget it’s in there until you go for a swim. All the major manufactures are designing these crazy awesome devices that will do everything except print money to pay for themselves. HTC water damage repair, iPhone 5 water damage repair, samsung water damage repair, it doesn’t matter what device you drop, there will be a need for repair. Devices will evolve, and unfortunately people will be careless. On a good note, we’ll be here to help though.