The Careful Process of iPod Touch Screen Replacement

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

It goes without saying that listening to music on the go is very important to people, and when their precious iPod Touch screen becomes damaged, iPod Touch screen replacement is essential.  Let’s explore what’s involved.

Which iPod Touch Screen Replacement Is Needed?

The iPod Touch actually has two screens, so depending on your device’s damage, you may only need to replace one of the screens.  The outer screen, called the faceplate, is a glass covering that protects the touch screen.  This liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, also called the digitizer, is the actual display screen.

Steps to Disassembling an iPod Touch


  1. The iPod comes apart from the back to the front.  First, the chrome back of the iPod is removed with specific opening tools.  Trying to do this yourself may result in scratched chrome, but specific iPod opening tools, when used properly, can prevent this.
  2. Then the device’s battery is removed.
  3. The battery is glued to the iPod, so its removal is also a delicate process.
  4. The logic board, held in place by four small screws and attached to the battery by a cable, is the next piece to come out.
  5. Finally, the digitizer is removed.  The digitizer is secured to the faceplate with sixteen screws and plugged in to the logic board.

iPod Touch Screen Replacement

If the digitizer is broken, it is simply a matter of unplugging the old one and plugging in the new.

If the faceplate screen is broken, however, it is an entirely different matter.  After the Home button is removed, the faceplate is heated up to break the adhesive bond between the faceplate and the screen.  The damaged screen is then thrown out, the Home button replaced, and the new screen with the fresh adhesive placed over the faceplate.  The faceplate is heated again, so the glue bonds to the plate and screen, and once it is cooled, it is ready to be put back on the iPod.

iPod Touch Re-Assembly

It is important that all the internal parts of the iPod are clean before it is reassembled.  The faceplate screen is wiped with a soft cloth, and the digitizer and logic board are cleaned with compressed air just to be sure, so no unnecessary dust gets inside the iPod.  Then the parts are reassembled in the reverse order in which they came out — digitizer, logic board, battery, and chrome back.

You can try to do this yourself, but an iPod touch screen replacement is a very meticulous process.  You can trust experienced professionals like iFixYouri, who specialize in iPod Touch screen replacement, to properly repair your device and send it back to you quickly.