The Bloggers

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(Last Updated On: July 1, 2010)


The founder of iFixyouri Inc., Chris is just an innocent repair engineer junky who has found himself amidst blogger stardom, thanks in no small part to a iphone 4 screen damage test he performed. His response so far can be summed up in one syllable, “uhhhhhhh.” His role within the ‘The Bloggers’ is to perform more tests, complete with video, as well shared knowledge of the repair world whenever we are deserving of his insight.


Another repair engineer junky posing as a blogger, Tony has be vital in building out DIY content for a variety of repairs. If there is a test performed, picture taken or iPhone fixed odds are it could be Tony. He can commonly be seen at passing out business cards and yelling “iPhone Repair….HERE!”


Self proclaimed ‘Blog Czar’, Herman spends entirely too much time sitting behind the computer, talking to other people about how to best repair their broken electronics and blogging about it. He prides himself in blogging all over the internet, except for the super powers that Chris was published on immediately. He feels blog envy but his issues lie much deeper than that.

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