The Best Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)
Wireless iPhone Charger Powermat

The Powermat is by far the best wireless charging system for iPhone 4. Since there’s no competition on this patented product, you’ll want to see an in-depth look at the functions, features, pros and cons of owning this device.

Pros/Cons of Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4


  1. Easy to charge
  2. Safe to use
  3. Built in system prevents battery leak and depletion over time
  4. Cordless charging keeps the phone safe from more hazards


  1. Cost prohibitive
  2. Not compatible with other phones
  3. Exclusive charger for iPhone 4

How The Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4 Works

The Powermat charging system comes with a charging mat, a phone cover, and a wall adaptor. The charging mat uses inductive charging technology with a customized sensor so when the phone is 100% powered, the charger stops pumping energy in, preventing battery drainage and life loss.

The owner simply sets the phone on the mat, careful to position it in the proper face-up position, waits for the audio confirmation that the phone is connected, and walks away. The phone will be fully powered in no more than two hours.

The Considerable Advantages

With a wireless charging system, you don’t have to worry about many of the hazards that accompany other chargers. If you’re a pet owner, or have small children, if you’re clumsy or often rushed, you’ll be familiar with the downsides to the traditional wall chargers for cell phones.

A pet might chew on the power cord, a toddler might get tangled in the cord, and a loose length of cord might hang in a walkway and get caught on someone’s leg as he rushes past. In any one of these incidents, damage might occur to the charger, phone or worse, person or pet.

iPhone Repairs

Cell Phone repair is commonly sought for broken USB charging connector. If the charging cord is tripped over, the force might bend or break the USB port. However, with a wireless charger, this problem is not even a consideration.

Moreover, the designers of the Powermat had a dual-purpose function in mind with their charger. You might be turned away by the cost of the system, but when you consider that the Powermat case reduces the cost of purchasing a separate protector case, you’re looking at cost savings.

You’ll still want to purchase a screen protector, but with the wireless charging system for an iPhone 4, you’ll be sure to have fewer costly accidents.