The Best Free Web Browsers for iOS

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

iOS6 BrowserThose looking for a free alternative iOS web browser will find that there are a number of options to choose from. Because installing and uninstalling programs on an iPhone or iPad can be complicated, a person will want to find the best free web browser for iOS the first time around. Following is some good advice on how to go about doing this. Below are the best free web browsers for iOS.

What is Are the Best Free Web Browser for iOS?

There are some excellent free iOS browsers on the market. Some are better than others but it is hard to pinpoint which one is actually the best. The fact is that a browser that is ideal for one person may not be ideal for another. A lot depends on an individual’s online browsing habits.

Opera Mini Web Browser

This particular browser may not be as feature rich as some other free iOS web browsers, but it is one of the best options around. The reason for this is the fact that Opera Mini Web Browser compresses all information before sending it to the browser, thus providing a person with a very fast connection. Individuals who browse the web at all times will most likely want to use this browser, which can be downloaded at

Google Chrome

A person who wants a simple, easy to use browser will find that Google Chrome is generally the best option. This browser is especially ideal for individuals who use Chrome for a desktop and/or laptop computer. Chrome has a sync mechanism that allows a person to sign in and see all of his or her bookmarks, no matter where or when they were made. Stackable tabs and Incognito Mode are just two of the many features that tens of millions of iOS Chrome users have found to be extremely helpful.

Webroot SecureWeb Browser

Anyone who does online shopping and/or banking on his or her iPhone will want to use Webroot SecureWeb Browser, as it is the most secure iOS browser option available. It provides total security, automatically blocks malicious websites, has tabs that allow for quick browsing and will sort out website search results according to which sites are the safest to open.

Choosing a Web Browser for iOS

Choosing an iOS browser is not easy, as there are many good options to choose from. A person who does not want to use the default browser should consider the options noted above and see which one would work best for him or her. Those who have problems installing or running the browser can turn to for help. The company is readily available and has the experience and expertise needed to sort out problems or glitches that may arise when installing or running a new iOS browser on an iPhone or iPad.