Why People Send Their Mobile Devices to Us:

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

Recently I sat and spoke with members of our support staff and we began talking about some of the ’causes’ for people needing to send in their devices to us. Some sent it in for cracked glass repair, and some sent it in for iphone water damage repair. If you think you’ve done a number on your device, or have some embarrassing way of rendering your device unconscious and not functioning, check out some of these comments from our customers(we’ve kept you anonymous), that they included when sending in their mobile devices. We thought they were interesting and would be worth sharing. We’re glad to be here to help folks in their time of need. Keep in mind we’re here to help! Some bad, some not so bad, any way you slice it, worth the quick read. Enjoy!

  • iphone 4 smashed by crazed 3 yr old
  • My son went swimming and didn’t realize until too late the phone was still in his trunk pocket.
  • Fell in washing machine. Tried drying and turning back on. Phone turned on, but it was clear there was water damage under the screen. Phone will not turn on anymore.
  • I do not know exactly how long the phone was in water (approximately 20 to 45 min), top end only. Packed it in rice as soon as possible. Has been in rice for 1.5 days and am shipping the phone in rice.
  • I spilled some syrup-flavored lemonade on the phone. It wasn’t a lot but enough for the phone to shut off.
  • had it in pocket and got in the hot tub. Was in the tub for less than 5 sec. Tried putting in a bag of rice.
  • I have sent my device to you fabulous people once before for a water damage repair. I think the battery and LCD screen was replaced. I dropped phone today from about 2 ft with a case on. Screen was just black and does nothing. Hope you guys can help.
  • I stupidly before I knew about your service tried to replace the bezel and back cover to renew this phone for my son. It became non-working. Can you check the battery too, it has been off for more than a year. Can you also unlock this phone? Thanks!
  • Dropped in toilet. Within an hour dried in Dry-all desicant bag for three days..
  • Was dropped off dock into lake.
  • Phone was on, plugged in and charging overnight, next to a glass of water. Condensation from the cup pooled around phone, I woke up and the back was wet. Moisture may have leaked into dock connector. Phone functions fine, but won’t acknowledge when it’s plugged in, and won’t charge or sync.
  • Dropped in Pacific Ocean and now only the flash light is on. Precious, sentimental videos and pictures of grandma’s memorial on device that hadn’t been downloaded yet.
  • 13″ MacBook Air. Spilled rum and diet Coke on the keyboard when the computer was in sleep mode. I have not tried to charge the computer or power it on.
  • Carried in pocket across tidal pool. Got hot, wouldnt turn on.
  • treated with Li***pel in March, since then the phone has been submerged in water several times and the only prior issue being the dock connector. It only play alarms, and ring (corrosion built up on the dock connector?) I took it in a freshwater lake and it stopped working.
  • This tablet has been sitting around for a little while. after finding it in water we shut it down and put it in a bag of rice for a week. however it didn’t seem to help, it appears to power up with sound but nothing on the screen but a slight flash when first powering up.
  • has been one week since cocktail was spilled into keyboard; tried to reboot after 72 hrs and no response then or in 7 days.
  • The phone was accidentally drop and the front glass cracked.The phone was attempt to be repaired by the own and was not successful. The phone is only 5 month of use. Thank you so much.
  • they threw me in the pool, hasnt been turned on
  • It was dunked in the dog’s water bowl for just a second. I could not get the screen to work to turn it off. I left it in rice and tried to do a reset after taking it out of the rice and it still isn’t working.
  • While driving, my wife place phone in a glass that she thought was empty. Glass has about 1/8″ of chocolate milk. Now the mic does not seem to wok. Also battery is draining much faster than before. After being off the charger, battery life drops to around 60%.
  • i had another guy try to fix my phone but he messed up my signal. i get no g3 and only one bar of signal. also my crack screen. my phone is on the sprint network.
  • Threw it in the cooler to protect it at the beach but condensation was just enough to get it wet.
  • Failed due to persperation. Home button is stuck “on”. Don’t know about rest of phone.

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