iPad Air 2 LCD Removal steps - a tutorial

How To: iPad Air 2 LCD Removal

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Introduction iPad Air 2 LCD removal is relatively easy to perform if you have some repair experience. Replacing requires transferring the home button, which is moderately difficult. The iPad Air 2 was a solid performer in its hey-day and still holds good value. Proper attention should be given to safely loosening the adhesive strips with heat. KeepContinue Reading


Where to Sell Your Old iPad Online

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There is nothing like a brand new iPad launch to get people interested in older iPad products. Founder of the repair and buy-back website iFixYouri.com, Chris Johncke, said that the trade-in market is rocking. The website helps Internet users to locate the best possible price for the old electronic gadgets they want to sell. Right now,Continue Reading

Epson Megaplex MG-850 Easy Home Theater

Turn Your iPad into a Home Theater

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What can’t an iPad do? As a mobile device, you can check email, communicate with friends, play games, and catch up on work. But what about using it to turn your living room into a multimedia home theater? Turning your iPad into a home theater may sound like a tricky, over-technical chore that would beContinue Reading

Is the iPad 4 Worth the Upgrade?

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The release of the iPad 4 was a bit unexpected. Instead of being a minor revision of the older model, it added a new processor, dual WiFi and extended 4G LTE. Here is some useful information to see if an upgrade is worthwhile. Is An iPad 4 Upgrade from a Previous Model Worthwhile? If you’reContinue Reading

Which Windows 8 Tablet is Right for You?

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For years, the iPad has dominated the tablet market. However, some are hoping that could change with the introduction of several new tablets running the Windows 8 operating system. A number of these new tablets running the latest Windows OS have been receiving positive reviews, making it a good time to buy a Windows 8Continue Reading