South Florida News features iFixYouri – CBS and Fox Report

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

On June 22nd was featured on Fox News 29 and CBS 12, both local news stations that service south Florida.

We had the pleasure of having John Bachman and his camera crew here to talk about various issues that we’re helping solve in the local community, from saving consumers money, to helping eliminate the ever growing issue of e-waste.

All repairs that we offer online customers, are also available to our walk-in location, and majority can be done in minutes, while you wait! Come in on your break at work or drop it off while you’re going to lunch. From water damage to cracked glass, iFixYouri has you covered.

News headlines from West Palm Beach CBS 12
John Bachman

LAKE PARK—A local man turns a busted phone into a booming business. Chris Johncke started his company ‘I fix your I’ about a year and a half ago, after losing his job as an engineer.

He dropped his iphone, and didn’t have the money to pay for repairs, so he learned to fix it himself. He started fixing other phones, now he’s fixing phones from all over the world. He’s even hired 5 employees, even during this recession.

Johncke said, “I’m working long long hours every single day because I’m enjoying every single minute of it.Which is a good feeling.”

Apple warns that third party repairs can void your warranty, but Chris stands behind his work, and says if I have a problem he make it right. To replace a cracked screen costs about 90 bucks.

They also fix blackberry’s computers, ipads, and other electronics. If you wondering if they can help you.

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