Scuffgate: iPhone 5 Damage Right Out of the Box

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Reports of minor cosmetic damage on some shipped iPhone 5 models were acknowledged by Apple.  When the iPhone 5 was released, the company received several complaints about scratches and dents alongside the edges right out of the box.

Phil Schiller, the senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple Inc., responded to a customer’s email who had complained that he received his black and slate iPhone 5 with some scratches, scuffs and marks throughout the band around the device. The customer further sought clarification from Phil Schiller whether Apple had plans to resolve these issues with the smartphone.

Schiller answered that it is common with any aluminum product to chip or scratch with usage, exposing its natural silver color.  Still, when a new product is shipped, those natural scratches should usually only appear after the user handles it.

“Scuffgate” Coined to Describe Common iPhone 5 Issue

The majority of the iPhone 5 damage issues were observed with the black version, whereas the white and silver model received no such reports. It is believed that one reason behind the problem could be the popularity of the black version of the device.

Potential customers can see images of scratches and dents on the device online.  The issue was common enough to have a coined phrase for the phenomenon:  Scuffgate.

Advantages of the iPhone 5

The new smartphone comes with slimmer design at 7.6 mm thick and a taller 4-inch display. It also comes with a two-tone design along with a metal backing. It is made from aluminum and glass, and is believed to be 20 percent lighter compared to the Iphone 4S.  The design choices have created a more sleek phone, but one that is apparently more prone to physical damage.

iPhone 5 Damage Repair – Seek Professional Help

There are a variety of issues that an iPhone 5 can suffer from, but fortunately repairs can help save the device from a landfill.  If your iPhone 5 has experienced any damage, don’t panic: iFixYouri specializes in iPhone 5 repair.