Screen Protectors: Your Smartphone’s Best Friend

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(Last Updated On: May 15, 2023)

In this digital age, smartphones have become essential to our lives. They’re our primary tools for communication, entertainment, and work. Therefore, taking care of these valuable devices should be a top priority. One of the simplest yet most effective ways of doing so is by using screen protectors.

The importance of maintaining our smartphones cannot be overstated. These devices hold not just monetary value, but also a significant amount of personal and professional data. With the rising costs of new smartphones, protecting our current ones becomes even more essential.

In this blog post, we will delve into why screen protectors are a must for your smartphone, helping to extend the life of your device and keep it in prime condition. For help with smartphone repair, please visit iFixYouri.

Understanding Screen Protectors

A screen protector is a thin sheet. It’s made of plastic or glass. You place it on your phone’s screen. Its job is to shield your phone’s screen.

Screen protectors - properly installed iPhone screen protector
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How Does a Screen Protector Work?

The screen protector takes the hit. It faces scratches, not your phone. It faces impacts, not your phone. It’s like a bodyguard for your phone’s screen. It keeps your phone’s screen looking new. It also makes your phone last longer.

Types of Screen Protectors

Exploring Types of Screen Protectors

There are several types of screen protectors. The main ones are tempered glass, PET, and TPU.

Tempered Glass Protectors

These are tough. They feel like your phone’s original screen. They’re the most protective but also the thickest.

PET Protectors

PET stands for “polyethylene terephthalate.” These are thin and light. They’re less visible but also offer less protection.

TPU Protectors

TPU means “thermoplastic polyurethane.” These are flexible and resist impacts well. They can be a bit tricky to apply but offer good protection.

Benefits of Using a Screen Protector

Avoid Scratches and Cracks

Screen protectors keep your phone’s screen safe. They take on scratches and cracks, so your phone’s screen doesn’t have to.

Stop Dirt and Fingerprints

Screen protectors help keep your screen clean. They can stop dirt and fingerprints from marking your phone’s screen.

Less Glare

Screen protectors can reduce glare. This makes it easier to see your screen in bright light.

More Privacy

Some protectors can help keep your information private. They make your screen harder to see from the side.

Keep Resale Value

Screen protectors can keep your phone looking like new. This can help maintain its resale value.

Busting Screen Protector Myths

There are some myths about screen protectors. Let’s clear those up.

Myth: They Affect Touchscreen Sensitivity

Truth: Quality screen protectors don’t change how your touchscreen works. Your phone will respond to your touch as usual.

Myth: They’re Unnecessary with a Phone Case

Truth: A phone case protects the edges and back of your phone. A screen protector safeguards the screen. You need both for full protection.

Applying a Screen Protector

Adding a screen protector can be easy. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean Your Screen

First, clean your phone’s screen. Use a microfiber cloth. This removes dust and fingerprints.

Step 2: Align the Protector

Next, align the screen protector with your phone’s screen. Make sure it matches up with the home button, camera, and speaker.

Step 3: Apply the Protector

Peel off the protector’s backing. Then, place it on your phone’s screen. Start at one end and smooth it down to the other. Be slow and careful.

Step 4: Remove Bubbles

Finally, remove any bubbles. Use a credit card to push them toward the edge. Now, your phone has a new layer of protection!

Screen protectors are important. They save your phone’s screen from scratches and cracks. They keep your screen clean and can even add privacy.

Invest in Protection

Screen protectors are a small investment. They can save you from big repair costs. So, get a good screen protector. It’s a smart way to protect your phone.

Need Help?

Check out iFixYouri’s screen protectors. We have options for every phone. The application of protectors can be tricky. If you need help, schedule a service with us. We’ll make sure your phone gets the protection it needs.