Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Repair

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(Last Updated On: June 5, 2015)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the hottest smartphones on the market right now. Fans love the wraparound screen design and tech blogs laud it as worthy competition for the iPhone 6 or any other Android phone. Recently our own Bryce Rawitt, of our Palm Beach Gardens location, sat down to dissect the S6 Edge to repair what he believes will be an extremely common break.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-3

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Glass Repair

Why was this phone at iFixYouri for repair?

Bryce Rawitt: This phone had cracked glass. These edges are super prone to damage. The offering of cases available don’t seem to provide much protection, and I’ve yet to see any tempered glass for it.

What was unique or difficult about this repair?

Everything. From removing the back glass without damaging it, to removing the battery which was adhered to the back of the lcd, to the installation of the actual screen assembly itself.

Are there any tips/warnings you have for either users of this phone or repair technicians?

The screen assembly is paper thin, I thought I might break it just removing it from the packaging. It even comes with a warning telling you where not to press during install.

Any other comments about this phone or the repair experience:

Take your time with this, from start to finish it was like defusing a bomb. There was something trying to trip you up and cause damage at every step. It was by far one of the most delicate devices I’ve ever worked on.

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is in need of repair, stop by one of iFixYouri’s locations or send it to us. Prior to doing any repairs, we offer a repair quote and detailed description of your device’s issues.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Photos

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