Reviews of iFixYouri in Palm Beach Gardens

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(Last Updated On: May 4, 2015)

We can tell you about our experience and expertise in repairing smartphones, computers and tablets, but maybe you’d find it helpful to hear the reviews of our customers. These following reviews of iFixYouri in Palm Beach Gardens were taken from our Yelp and Google+ pages and provide a sample of our quality of work.

Thanks, for fixing my iPad! The kids will never touch it again. Your service was impeccable and you even taught me a new thing or two! Thanks again, I will definitely be back!

I don’t usually leave reviews unless its a restaurant, but you really saved my butt!

Aprelle H.

Thanks guys! You do awesome work! You saved my social (media) life!! I had no idea you could work miracles, and with a smile! But you did and you guys do! Hopefully I won’t need your services again, but if I do…. I know there will be light at the end of my dark tunnel again!

Cristine D.

Excellent service. They were extremely helpful and fixed my MacBook computer efficiently and quickly. I had cracked the glass on the screen and needed it taken care of quick before a vacation. Highly recommend. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Thomas Gordon

Fixed my son’s iPhone in 20 minutes! Staff was very helpful to everyone that walked in. Price was very reasonable also. Highly recommend them.

Michael Racanati

The screen on my iPhone kept going black yet it still worked when touched. The insurance company wouldn’t give me any help so I looked for a solution. Today I went into iFixYouri to get my phone looked at and had my LCD screen reconnected for no charge and had screws replaced for 10 bucks. Great experience and very helpful. MY PHONE WORKS. I’ll be back.

Larry Sciarra

I took my iPhone for a swim. I assumed it was dead. A few days later I found a flier for these guys. I put my dead phone in a bag of rice like their website said and brought it as a last chance hope to their walk-in center on PGA. For the next week they called me with progress every few days, for which I was grateful, but I ultimately expected the phone to be pronounced unfix-able. Not so! I have my phone back fully working and intact with all photos and settings. This even though before I found the flier i broke all the rules, pressing buttons etc. They worked very hard bringing my phone back to life and they succeeded. Thank you!!

Aileen Hannan

My daughter came back from a family vacation with a broker i phone. Since it was fairly new I was not too happy with her. I had insurance on the phone but even with insurance it would be almost $200.00. We went to the Palm Beach Gardens location and were greeted right away the gentleman took the phone and had it working within ten minutes. We left very happy and would recommend them!!

Pat Carlman

These guys are fantastic. Last year, my iPhone 4 went through the wash, and sat there overnight. I thought it was a goner, and so I left it in a bag of rice for 2 months. Then I heard about iFixYouri, and figured I had nothing to lose. They were PHENOMENAL. Not only did they fix my phone within one week, I was totally amazed that all of the data was still there, with no problems. Well, my poor phone got doused again just 2 weeks ago. I contact iFixYouri and sent them the phone. Again, they fixed it perfectly, within a week. I am floored. I thought for sure that the second time around would be the death of the phone. They were courteous, professional and prompt with all correspondence. Best of all, I still have my original phone, with all the data intact. Oh, and the price? Very, very inexpensive compared to buying a new iPhone, and actually cheaper than insurance. I no longer bother with insuring my iPhone for damage, because I am confident that iFixYouri will save me money if I ever need to use them again. Thank you!!!

Peggy Meehan

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