Protecting Yourself from a Virus on Your Android Phone

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Many people think that computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, and notebooks) are the only devices susceptible to virus attacks. However, you can also get a virus on your Android phone since it functions as a computer as well. You can use it to browse the web, download software, store data, and contract a virus.

How Is A Virus On Your Android Phone Possible?

The Android phone requires an operating system to work, known as Android. This software allows the user to use the phone as a computer. It comes with its own applications for web browsing, downloading, etc. Whenever you access the Internet and click on links, you may accidentally download viruses.

Download links are not the only method viruses are spread. Some of them are embedded in trial software installed on an Android phone. The viruses are designed to copy themselves onto your phone during the installation process. You may also get infected with viruses when you copy files from other phones. Remember that an infected phone poses a threat to other phones.

Getting Protection

Viruses and other types of Malware can alter, corrupt, and delete important data on your phone. However, if a spyware gets installed on the device, someone can steal confidential data. Hence, you should be very careful when accessing the Internet.

Your first line of defense against a virus attack is an antivirus (AV) software. Find recommended AV software and install it on your unit. It usually detects viruses in real time and can be used to scan for malicious programs at any time.

If you access the Internet, download applications, and share files regularly, you should get a paid antivirus service. Free AV applications are usually not as effective.  Understand that new viruses pop up almost everyday. If you use a free application, you may not get the latest virus definition updates.

In order to prevent the installation of spyware on your phone, always download applications from trusted sites. Free trial applications often contain programs that gather data from users. This can be a real problem if any confidential data is stolen from your unit.

Getting Rid Of A Virus On An Android Phone

Although AV programs are designed to detect viruses, they are not 100% reliable on the removal process. Some viruses are just too hard to delete. As long as these malicious codes stay on your phone, they can continue to inflict damage on files, and may even cause the phone to stop working. So how do you deal with viruses that cannot be removed by the installed AV?

If you are not an expert in removing virus on Android phone, it is best not to attempt to remove the malicious software manually. Do not follow vague virus removal instructions found on Internet blogs or you may end up causing more damage than good. Instead, get expert phone repair service such as iFixYouri to take a proper look at what the potential virus may be.