Protect Your iPad from Your Kids with the Clumsy Case

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Clumsy Case photo

Protective cases for iPads and iPhones are selling well, thanks to the tendency for kids to have accidents with their expensive gadgets (and the tendency for parents to share the devices, or even buy them, for their kids).

It’s not like kids try to drop, scratch, and otherwise harm their iPads and smartphones when they use them. They are often simply less careful than the average adult. The littlest ones think everything is a toy and have no idea how much it costs to buy such items.  As a result of kids playing with these delicate devices, iFixYouri has built a reputation repairing smartphones and tablets that have endured a wide variety of mishaps and damage.

Enter the Clumsy Case

This is why the Clumsy Case is such a good idea, either as a gift or as a proactive necessity. It lets kids play, even with a tablet in their hands. Even if they get bruised in their typical wild or clumsy behaviour, their technology will remain intact.

The Importance of Protective Cases

There is a problem when consumers see other covers which they think are designed to protect their goods. Not all cases are built for this purpose. Some are simply attractive, with really stunning designs and colors, but they are not practical. Also, there are some devices on the market similar to the Clumsy Case, but so far nothing big enough to cover the bigger iPad, and they are expensive cases.

A Clumsy Case is child-friendly, and will protect your iPad. Maybe the best thing is that the price tag is so easy to handle: about AUD $40 with free shipping around the world. Choose from several colors including shades of green, blue, and red.

Not Just for Kids

Of course, adults can be as clumsy as children, even if they are not horsing around. The rubberized interior will prevent grown-ups from destroying their expensive devices too. Drop them. Bump and bounce them. Charge the battery and insert a headphone.

Clumsy Case comes from Studio Proper, founded by Alon Tamir. He hopes this product will be a big seller at Christmas. One benefit of the Clumsy, says Tamir, is that it is designed to last no matter how many iPads and iPhones are released. Rather than buying one with every new launch, purchase one today to last for years.

The case works with iPad 2, iPad 3, and and shipping for pre-orders will start early in November.