Fix Your Phone With an Independent Repair Shop

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When your phone breaks, your first thought may be to take it to the large tech company where you bought it. But what if your warranty has expired? Or you can’t wait several weeks to get your phone back? Or all upcoming appointments are taken? Despite these obstacles, there’s still a solution- independent repair shops.Continue Reading

Do You Really Need a New Phone? Not Really.

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Typically towards the end of the year, tech companies release their line of new phones. Even though shiny new gadgets are tempting to purchase, especially for the holidays, they are not always worth it or necessary. So, do you really need a new phone? Not really. Before you read about why a new phone isContinue Reading

A Complete Rundown of Every Microsoft Surface Line

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The first Microsoft Surface hit the market in October 2012, joining the already thriving Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Amazon Fire as tablets continued to grow in popularity. Since then Microsoft Surface products have significantly developed. Whether you are a college student who is always on the go, a digital artist who uses aContinue Reading