Troubleshooting Your Computer With These 5 Simple Steps

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Having trouble with your computer? Well, many computer issues are very common, and even more simple to solve than you think. Before you become too frustrated with your device and just give up completely, first try troubleshooting your computer with these 5 simple steps.  What is Troubleshooting?  To troubleshoot means to track down and correctContinue Reading

Is Android the Sweetest Operating System?

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Android is known as the mobile operating system created by Google. Since its launch in 2008, Android has gained over 2 million loyal users and made its way onto over 2,400 phone models But Android gets sweeter than that! Is Android the sweetest operating system? Keep reading to find out more about Android and theContinue Reading

The Best Smartphone Sale Yet: Buy a Huawei For $39.99!

 The Huawei is a high-quality phone for an amazingly low price of $39.99. For a limited time, iFixYouri and Tech Reboot are partnering together to sell these fully-unlocked, dual-SIM, and great-condition smartphones. This is the best smartphone sale yet, so buy yourself a Huawei for only $39.99! With the use of industry-leading testing software, In-houseContinue Reading

April Fools, But iFixYouri is No Joke!

April Fools Day is a day filled with jokes, tricks, and pranks that will constantly have you watching your back and your phone’s backglass. Sometimes the fun and games can be taken a step too far and lead to a broken device. April fools, but iFixYouri is no joke!  The tech experts at iFixYouri canContinue Reading

Laptop Breakdown 101: The Display

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In iFixYouri’s last Laptop Breakdown blog post, we went in-depth about the different types of keyboards, and it’s time to do the same with displays. A laptop’s display quality is essential because it allows you to view what you are doing with great clarity, color, and details. Keep reading to get the laptop breakdown 101Continue Reading