Not all pieces of iPhone glass are created equal

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Interested in learning the truth about iPhone Screen Repair and iPhone Glass Repair?

First off, let’s start with a brief lesson on how the iPhone glass and digitizer works.


The glass, well it’s just that, glass. Not much too it? Wrong. You get cheap glass, yes, it will crack way easier than high-strength glass. Cheap glass will break in shards, while tempered glass will more spider around the area it broke. Apple uses toughened glass on all their iPhones, new, and old. This glass generally has been treated thermally, and/or chemically, while the cheap glass has not.


The digitizer is what responds to your touch, when you touch the glass. Think of it as a second piece of glass, glued directly to the bottom side of the piece of glass you touch.  Now you’re curious as to how the digitizer works? The digitizer is setup like a grid. Picture the digitizer being a piece of graphing paper. Many squares, each square being a point that you can touch. When you touch it, a signal is created and sent to the motherboard, which creates an action on the screen(panning, zooming, selecting an application, etc).

Cheap iPhone Replacement Parts

Cheap glass uses cheap parts, cheap digitizer. How does your phone act when you have a cheap digitizer? The grid we just talked about, well the squares in the grid become much bigger, which makes the touch response a lot more inaccurate, choppy, slow. Your finger swipe won’t swipe smoothly, your texting may be off, and the most annoying part of it all, your iPhone will not run smoothly. Additionally, with cheap glass, the factories will use cheap glue to adhere the glass and the digitizer. A minor jolt can dislodge the digitizer and render it inaccurate, or worst case inoperable. Cheap replacement parts will also not always sit flush to the iPhone. The home button may sit recessed and the glass may sit above the chrome bezel.


There are two different types of adhessives.

  1. 2 Piece – Covers just the top and the bottom of the iPhone. Does not give you full side coverage seal, which can easily introduce dust under the screen
  2. 1 Piece – Covers the entire frame. Provides full side coverage. Prevents dust from entering between the screen and LCD.

iFixYouri uses only the highest grade glass in combination with full frame adhesive, providing you with that near factory fit and feel that your high dollar item requires.  Whether your looking to do-it-yourself or you want to use an iPhone repair service, be sure that you go with one result in mind, quality.