New iPhone Dock Connector

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

iPhone Dock connectorAlong with the launch of the new iPhone 5 came the all new iPhone dock connector. The new connector is primarily known as “Lightning”. It is a digital 8- signal design with improved durability. According to Apple, the new iPhone dock connector is 80% smaller than the previous one and it is reversible. The best thing about this connector is that it can also be used with the old connector. If you have the old connector, all you have to do is buy an adapter and convert your old connector to support the all new iPhone 5 dock connector.

Benefits of The New iPhone Dock Connector

  • 80% smaller than the previous connector
  • All digital-8 signal design
  • Reversible
  • Improved durability
  • Adaptive interface

It was rumored that the new connector would be based on the USB 3 protocol which can deliver speeds of up to 5Mbps, however, that is not the case. Apple recently updated its notebooks to support the faster USB protocol and this led to widespread rumors that the new iPhone 5 would also be based on the same protocol.

Protocols supported “Lightning”

Apple executives said that they are relying on various wireless protocols to connect and sync iPhones. The technologies being used include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airshare, 3G, 4G LTE and iCloud.

The small size will particularly benefit those who connect the phone to their car’s charging system. This connector will be good news for people who are not good with new gadgets because it can work no matter how you plug it in. Therefore, you never have to struggle trying to figure out which side goes up and which side faces down.

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