Meet Our New Mascot: Cracky!

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Cracky of iFixYouri
(Last Updated On: October 4, 2020)

There’s a new mascot in town and its name: Cracky! iFixYouri employees first spotted Cracky dancing in the iFixYouri Northlake parking lot in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. However, once it had a cold brew from Johan’s Joe and got a feel for pleasing the crowd, it moved closer towards Northlake Blvd to show off for the passing cars.

Cracky is… well… an iPhone, a big neon green iPhone. Expect to see Cracky on a street or in a parking lot near any of ourĀ Palm Beach County or even Orlando-area locations. Cracky loves smartphone repair, and Cracky loves you. Have a great day!

Cracky inside iFixYouri Northlake

Cracky inside iFixYouri Northlake

Cracky Portrait

Cracky Portrait Illustration