Make iPhone Ringtones for Free in iTunes

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)


So you just bought an iPhone, and you want to buy a custom ringtone. Then you discover the songs are a buck each, and then another buck to make them into a ringtone on iTunes. If you want them for free, I’ll show you how to do it all within iTunes, no external program required.

Set Up for Free iPhone Ringtone

What to do first is to go into iTunes and pick a song. You can only pick a song that was not bought in the iTunes store. So either a song ripped from a CD, or that you find elsewhere on the internet.

Take the song, right-click on it and select “Get info”. Go down to the options menu and pick the start time and the stop time. Say the part of the song that you want to use for a ringtone is in the middle of it.  Indicate the start time for when the section of the song begins, and end it wherever you want. It doesn’t matter where it is in the song, as long as it lasts less than 40 seconds. Notice there are no dots in between minutes and seconds.

Now you’ve set when the song starts, and when it stops. If you were to play the song now that you’ve created a start and stop time, it will only last as long as the segment you indicated, even though the length of the song will still be the same. What you can do is right-click again, and choose “create AAC version”.  Create an AAC version and iTunes will create a copy of the song with the times that you have selected.

Fix Your Files

Next, go back to the song you’ve altered and undo the time changes you made in the options. That way, when you go back to listen to it later, it doesn’t just play the short clip you arranged.  Then take the short version for your ringtone to your desktop, and return to iTunes. Delete the short version from iTunes, so the copy isn’t taking up space in iTunes anymore.

Make the iPhone Ringtone

Next, go to the short track on your desktop, click on it, and change the name. Notice the format of the song is MPEG4 (‘M4A’ file extension). You’re just going to delete the A, to create an R, so the file’s extension would be .M4R instead of .M4A. If an alert comes up, confirm that you’re changing the extension.

Double-click on the song, and when it starts playing, it’s added in your ringtones automatically. Finally, on your iPhone, go to the ringtones section and sync it. Now your ringtone will be on it.

Adding personalized ringtones can make an old phone feel like new.  Before you purchase a new phone for fancy build-in ringtones, consider trying this simple method.  If your current phone isn’t performing properly, getting it fixed will also make it new.  Don’t take chances: leave iPhone repairs to the experts at iFixYouri.